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For Samia, yoga is not just “exercise” but rather a way of living life. As a yoga instructor, Samia strives to transmit her passion for yoga to her students and share her enthusiasm and knowledge to help others improve both their physical and emotional well-being.
Practicing yoga means learning how to look inside ourselves, notice our feelings and sensations, know our inner truth, and also be aware that happiness is inside us.
If you know how to look inside yourself, you are already practicing one of the fundamentals of yoga. Your yoga instructor can guide you to this inner awareness along with both physical and mental strength through pranayama (breathing techniques) and asanas ( yoga postures). The beauty of yoga is that although the asanas may look different in different body types, yoga is truly for everyone. Yoga is for you and you are unique and precious.

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Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing developed in India and has been practiced for more than 5,000 years.  It is often called a “living science” because it incorporates modern developments and techniques along with ancient practices. Ayurveda treats the whole person and not just the organ or system involved.  Ayurveda is a system of daily living which promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In Ayurveda, the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) are present in each individual but the proportions and combinations vary from person to person. When these elements are in balance, the result is good health. When these elements are out of balance, the result is

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  • I am a very nervous person and I was suffering from severe anxiety. Taking Samia's yoga classes was the best thing I have ever done. Her classes are excellent. They made me feel calm and relaxed and more in control of my life. I used to have trouble falling asleep at night but after Samia's yoga classes I would always get a good night’s sleep. Every one of her classes is different and unique. She is very attentive to each individual in the class. In fact, her care and kindness is amazing. Her voice is so calm and relaxing. I cannot thank her enough for helping me with my anxiety and allowing me to enjoy a calmer and more peaceful life. She is more than just a yoga instructor --- she is a guide, an inspiration and a friend for life!

    Silvia De Araujo Yoga student
  • Samia's yoga classes are perfect. I took her classes during a stressful time in my life and they really helped me. Even after the classes, I still feel relaxed and in a healthy state of mind. I strongly recommend that everyone take her classes! Thank you Samia for the best yoga experience I've ever had!

    Felipe Rios Yoga student
  • Since taking yoga classes, I have come to believe that yoga is a personal journey in which, how it's resonated from the teacher to her students, depends on your unique personality.  Samia Abreu has that graceful gentleness when it comes to teaching her class. What you get out of yoga depends on the person teaching it. Samia has good energy and is very passionate about sharing what she knows with her students.  She has patience, dedication and love for her teaching.  Yoga is about coming back to the self and a good teacher like Samia has the ability to help students on their journey back home to themselves. Namaste.

    Luz Guess Yoga Student
  • Yoga with Samia is a complete delight. Her kind, gentle, meditative style immediately makes my whole being feel better - body, mind and spirit. Give yourself the gift of a class with her soon!

    Jen Yost Certified Yoga Instructor and Professional Business & Life Coach
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